It all started with a trip to the Grant County Fair.

The Grant County Fair is a dangerous place for a parent. Kids get ideas and before you know it, you’re bringing home 2 goats in your truck (not even in the back of your truck!) the next spring. In full disclosure, I may have occasionally fostered potential ideas, but only in vague put-the-idea-out-there type of way as conversation in passing. #truth

Seriously though, it’s been a blessing.

Matthew is tending to his chickens and selling eggs on home delivery and at the Platteville Farmer’s Market (license & all!). Together, Matt and Jenna tend to a small herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf goats and registered Boer goats.

This fall I wanted the kids to have an outlet for their efforts, so while I built shell of the website, they’ve taken over the rest. Actually, Matthew has built just about all the other pages on his own. It’s really been an interesting to watch him think this all through and grow as a writer too.

Thanks for stopping by our site to see what the kids are up to! 🙂
– Jessica Brogley