• Boer Goats

    Pumpkin’s Babies

    It is with great pride, that I’d like to introduce you to…….. Drumroll please….. Pumpkins babies!!!

    This is the doe.
    This is the buck.

    This past Tuesday (Feb. 4), Mom & I pulled up to the barn to the barn at 8pm after wrestling practice. I was only wearing a hoodie so it was cold. I walked into the barn when…… I heard the quietest BAAAAA of my goat career. Then I ran into our birthing pen to see two small black piles of cuteness. Both had brown eyes that were very small. There was one with black and white dapples. The other one was all black. I picked one up and started to dry it off. The fur was very slimy and wet. I checked to see if it was a boy or girl. It was a boy. My mom was there too and her kid was a girl. We helped them nurse off Pumpkin. Well, getting a very tired boer goat up isn’t as easy as you think. I pushed and pulled until she finally got up. I ran back to the house and grabbed a few more towels and headed out to the barn. We kept drying them off and helping them nurse. I saw that one of the kids had a weak leg so we picked up some selenium and kid colostrum. We gave her both of the supplements and this morning she was already looking better. Today she is on her feet and walking around.