• Goats

    Goat labor

    1. The early stages of labor is the goat will lay down and have hard contractions for about 12 hours. Another sign is the goat will be  licking its side trying to figure out what’s happening. Also some slime like stuff will come out of her butt when it’s getting close to labor, and I’ll need to check for her ligaments if they are gone. At this point, he is very close to giving birth.
    2. The doe will push harder and harder lining up the baby to shoot out. From the first time the goat has a hard push the baby will come out within 30 minutes. If not, find out where the baby is stuck or is there any problems with the doe or if a vet needs to help
  • Boer Goats

    Boer babies

    Just a quick update on the baby boers they are both about 10-14 pounds and the baby boy has been dehorned. The baby girl will not be dehorned because it’s a characteristic for the goat to have their horns. They are both very playful and happy. One thing I found interesting is they are eating grain already, with our Nigerians they didn’t start eating grain until the Grant County Fair. So the babies are growing very fast.

  • Goats

    Hoof Trimming season!!!

    It’s that time of year when we have to start trimming hooves.  When we start trimming the hoof we first dig out the dirt on the hoof, then we trim the walls, then we trim between the toes where the heels meet, and finally we trim the heels. Trimming hooves is very important. We need to trim the goats hooves so they don’t rot, but also for showing, the judge checks our goats hooves. Regular hoof care is a part of good goat ownership.

    This is Kims hoof after not being trimmed all winter.