About us

Me with Olive
Me with Olive.

I live on a small farm in Platteville, WI. I specialize in raising Nigerian Dwarfs, Boer goats, and poultry. I also do most of the chores on this farm like feed the goats and check the chickens’ water, feed, and bedding.

I stared off with maybe 8 chickens. Then, we bought two Nigerian Dwarf goats, Nestle and Oreo. We loved both of them so much that we ended up getting two more Nigerian goats. Since we needed to breed Nestle, we bought a buck. And now we have a fun crew!

After seeing some kids show their boers, we decided to try that too last year. With the help of other 4h leaders, we were able to get started. And this summer we bought some registered boer does with one being pregnant. She gave birth just a few days ago to a healthy doe and buck kid.

With most of my livestock, I take them to the Grant County Fair and the Belmont Fair. I take one wether to the livestock auction each year.

We also sell chicken eggs at the Platteville Farmer’s Market during the summer and winter (as much as we can).

I do this all because it’s fun, I can make a bit of money, I like to compete, and I’m really proud to be part of agriculture in some way.

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