Farm Fresh Eggs

I made this infographic using Canva. Check it out.

On our small farm we have 50 mixed chicken breeds and I sell eggs at the farmers market. I also take a few to the Grant County Fair. We also built a barn that will house a lot of hens or other type of poultry. There is a automatic water too. We do deliver eggs to your door.

Tips For New Chicken Owners

Soon enough there will be chicks at places like Farm and Fleet, so I’m going to tell you what you will need to do to raise your own chickens. 

  1. First your going to want a water trough with wood shavings one inch deep and covering the whole trough.
  2. Then get your food and water set up (I like to keep the water away from the heat lamp because the chicks would fling drops of water onto the lamp and it would explode leaving glass shards in the pen). TIP: If you have 10 or more chicks DO NOT buy the little 5 pound bags on display or your chicks will burn though the feed like crazy. Over the years of raising chickens, I’ve found out that the small plastic trays don’t work efficiently because the chicks (or the hen) tip them over fast, you can’t store a lot of feed in them, and it’s a hassle to fill them. 
  3. One VERY important thing to do while raising chicks is to clean out their pen every week or your chicks will get Coccidiosis, an intestinal disease that is the number one killer of chickens. One way to prevent Coccidiosis is to keep their water fresh and clean. One thing I found out the hard way was that they LOVE kicking around the shavings (which is what they poop on!) is now in their water, so I put their water on a one inch block to prevent them from getting their water dirty. Also the shavings will soak up the water more. 
  4. You’ll want to keep your feed out of the rain (wet places) and DO NOT feed chicks table scraps. 
  5. The first time we had chicks we bought cheap heat lamps and I will tell you they aren’t worth it. Like I told you earlier, one drop of water will make them explode leaving shards of glass in your pen. We bought two of them and both broke, so we bought a nice Premier One Heater. It’s a little pricey, but after we sold a lot of eggs, we paid it off. 
This is a leghorn.