Nestle was our first doe and the first doe to kid on our farm. Two years ago she was in the Senior yearling doe class at the Grant County Fair and got second. She also got Grand Champion Nigerian dwarf doe this past summer (2019). We are breeding Nestle to Parrish Farms Shrf Woody to kid in March. Nestle can sometimes be stubborn like when we were first trying to halter break her. She wouldn’t even move. There were other times where she would just walk with me and give up. Also she can be very cuddley with her kids or me. She was a great mom who loved her babies, and whenever we picked up one of her babies too long, she would start BBBAAAAINNNNGGG very loud. Next year I hope Nestle will do even better. My plan is to milk her daily and not let the kids empty out her udder right before the show. 🙂